Affluent + Refersion

Affluent aggregates all your affiliate data into one powerful dashboard to save time and help optimize your business.


  • Standardized data enables you to compare your performance across any affiliate platform.
  • View your historical data at the click of a button, track your performance for last week, last month, last year or right back to the start.
  • Opportunities and alerts notify you of record highs, new sales, and warn you of potential issues.
  • Email notifications help you start your day off right, with a summary of yesterday’s performance; commissions, clicks, top merchants and more.
  • Pull a detailed list of transactions from each network you work with via a clean REST API.

Why Affluent?

At Affluent we believe everyone should have easy access to their data and the ability to make valuable insights at a glance. Our platform was built to enable and empower everyone, from part-time bloggers to the world's largest websites. We’re integrated with hundreds of networks and continuously adding more.

With Affluent for Affiliates and Affluent for Advertisers, no matter what you do in the affiliate industry, we’ve got you covered.