Paypal Payouts + Refersion

Integrate Refersion with your Paypal account for affiliate commission payouts.


  • One-time setup and integration with helpful documentation and a support team that genuinely cares about your success.
  • Bulk payouts, enabling you to pay out commissions for multiple affiliates across multiple currencies all with a single click.

Why Paypal Payouts

Implementing Payouts enables you to:

  • Make batched payments in a matter of hours and give recipients instant access to their money. Unlike checks, there's no waiting.
  • Minimize accounting paperwork by downloading transaction history. It's easy to reconcile exceptions by automatically returning payments that weren't claimed.
  • Save the recipient money on fees. With Payouts transactions, the sender pays a nominal fee, not the recipient. For example, affiliate partners do not pay a commission on the payments they receive, no matter how small the amount.